Message from LAPD WLA Area Captain Evangelyn Nathan

PACT WLA Night Ltr 9-11-14_2

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Archer Forward Project Update by BCC President

Archer Forward is the term used by Archer School for its proposed new construction plan which has been pending for several years. Although the BCC through its Land Use and Traffic Committees has been following this project from the outset, primarily seeking the elimination of significant adverse traffic impacts, many of you have not participated in those meetings. The purpose of this message is to bring BCC Members and Alternates up to speed on Archer Forward

Archer Forward, like any large project, has been a source of controversy, rumors and confusion in the Brentwood Community. Most of the attention Archer Forward has received so far has focused on potentially negative impacts. That has certainly what has received the attention of the BCC LUC and Traffic Committees. But we must also remember to weigh any benefits Archer Forward would bring to Brentwood. The benefits, unless one is a student or parent, are necessarily rather subjective. This doesn’t mean they are not real. 

When the Archer Forward Draft EIR became public in February this year many people became legitimately alarmed by the traffic and other impacts it identified, including the size of new construction, the construction schedule, operational details and proposed uses. The Archer DEIR was frankly outdated by the time it was released and did not identify many changes Archer was prepared to make in response to concerns expressed by the LUC and Traffic Committees and others in the community, including Councilman Bonin and the school’s immediate neighbors. The DEIR also did not describe the traffic mitigation options Archer had discussed with Councilman Bonin’s office and with the BCC Land Use and Traffic Committees. Not until last week did Archer for the first time announce publically the project changes it has been discussing with Councilman Bonin, the BCC LUC and Traffic Committees, BHA and the neighbors to eliminate significant adverse traffic impacts and other concerns of the community. Continue reading

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Mailbox Tampering Warning

Dear Brentwood residents, sorry to report this, but recently a theft from the  drive-by collection box at the Barrington Post Office has been reported by a neighbor. He placed mail, which included checks, into the box on a weekday 9/15 or 9/16 at 10 am when the Post Office was open. Fraudulent checks were written against his checking account 9/19.  It is now a federal case of mail and identity theft.

The Post Office has this advice for us:

Postal Inspectors encourage the public to report mail theft on our website or by calling toll free 877-876-2455, or filing a report at their local post office.

Postal Inspectors advise the public to deposit mail in collection boxes before the last collection time so the mail will be collected by the Postal Service and safely on its way to its destination.**

**Note: This theft is an exception to this rule. Be sure that your mail cannot be removed from a full mailbox!

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The Best Coffee Bars in Los Angeles


LAist Blog ( has chosen their favorite coffee bars in Los Angeles.  Somehow they forgot to mention Caffe Luxxe on 26th Street, but there are some other great choices.  Intelligentsia On Abbot Kinney in Venice is fantastic.

Check out the article HERE

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DWP Update – Sunset Blvd Cable Upgrade Project

Bonin banner
Dear Friends,

Please be advised that on next Wednesday, October 1, there will be additional traffic on Sunset Blvd., from Barrington to Westgate between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. so the Department of Water and Power can complete an important electrical upgrade project in Brentwood’s Sunset traffic corridor.

The project, which was undertaken to fix the power grid and end ongoing brownouts in Brentwood, required digging trenches on Sunset Blvd. that caused serious traffic impacts in our neighborhoods. DWP leadership sought to avoid additional traffic impacts after trenching was completed by seeking and obtaining a night permit to do the “cable pulling” phase of the project at night. The permit for night work was granted and all the cable pulling was done at night thereby reducing daytime traffic impacts.

We recently learned that DWP has scheduled next Wednesday, October 1, 2014 to repave Sunset from Barrington to Westgate between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. to finish the job. Concerned about adding traffic to the area on a weekday, I asked DWP to take a look at doing the repaving work during a weekend or any time other than business hours during the week. Unfortunately, after DWP evaluated other options they reported that while alternative times did not reduce traffic impacts significantly, the other times would significantly increase the cost of the project.

We understand that projects which add any traffic to already-congested streets are not ideal, but ask for your help and patience as this important work is completed. Please plan to avoid Sunset from Barrington to Westgate between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. during repaving next Wednesday, October 1, 2014 to allow completion of the project, and please share this message with your neighbors to encourage them to do the same.

Thank you very much.

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Brentwood Park Resident, Jean Nunes, Art Show

Announcement Card 2014_2

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Westwood (1928-1929)

ucla hilgard

Mule-drawn watering carriage wets down Hilgard in Westwood; 1928. [Photo via Los Angeles City Historical Society].  A newly built UCLA campus in the background.

wilshire to veteran

Wilshire Boulevard to Veteran Avenue; 1929. [Photo via Los Angeles City Historical Society]

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PCH and Chautauqua Intersection after Flood (1938)

march 1938 flood malibu

Looking down PCH at Santa Monica Canyon. “Despite heavy rainfall exceeding six inches that day there appears to have been a break in the rain when the photograph was taken.” 1938 [Photo via Los Angeles City Historical Society]

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New CA Bike Buffer Law Goes into Effect


A new law takes effect in California Tuesday: Drivers must give bicyclists three feet as they pass them on the road.

“Prior to this law, there was no clearly defined safe passing distance,” says Colin Bogart from the LA County Bicycle Coalition.

But most people don’t hold a yard stick out their passenger side window. So, what’s three feet anyway?

“I think people have a good sense of what three feet looks like without realizing it,” says Bogart.

One way to think about it is if a biker can reach out his or her arm and touch your vehicle, you’re probably closer than three feet.

Here’s how the law works:

  • The law applies to any place a vehicle passes a bicyclist, regardless of whether there’s a bike lane in the road.
  • A law enforcement officer must witness a violation to issue a fine. Bystanders’ accounts or video recordings made by the bicyclist — on a GoPro, for example — aren’t admissible.
  • Violators face at least a $35 fine, and a $220 fine if a collision occurs. Both can increase when court fees are added.
  • There is one exception to the new law: If there’s not enough room for a driver to give three feet of space. In that case, they must first slow down before safely passing.

More at: Southern California Public Radio

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Wendell Brown, the homeless poet of Brentwood, dead at 69


Wendell Brown, everyone’s favorite homeless poet in Brentwood, has died.

Wendell was a Brentwood fixture for years, selling poems he wrote from the sidewalk just in front of Vicente Foods and Pharmaca.

Wendell was known for his positive demeanor and upbeat philosophy of life.

Read Jeff Hall’s full article at

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